A short love poem: five sparrows

This short love poem has the bitter character of the existential realization of vacuity. Objects, animals, and aspirations fade into a silence that crystallizes before a motionless dance on an autumn meadow.

Five sparrows over a roof: a short love poem
The silence of a motionless dance

Five sparrows over a roof,
Where an antenna sucks the wail
Of the angels.

A chrysalis concupts a crow,
now disappointed.

You, who knows, still dance
among the rusty confetti
Of that dreary October meadow.

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Video of the love poem

A brief note on the existential view of love

The existential view of love includes deep philosophical reflections on the nature of love and human relationships. Existentialist philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir have emphasized that love is a fundamental aspect of human existence and a source of complexity and inner conflict. According to Sartre, love involves a constant negotiation between individual freedom and the desire for connection with another person. His statement, “Hell is other people,” is famous, highlighting the challenges arising from the demands of love and relationships on personal autonomy.

Love poetry has often highlighted the existential emptiness
Love poetry has often highlighted the existential emptiness and loneliness that paradoxically prevails over togetherness and closeness.

On the other hand, Simone de Beauvoir explored the concept of love in the context of gender and social expectations. He argued that love should not be a means of possession or domination but a mutual and egalitarian partnership between individuals. Beauvoir stressed the importance of authenticity and self-realization in love, advocating relationships based on respect and reciprocity. These existentialist perspectives on love continue to influence contemporary discussions of relationships and personal autonomy and always provide new insights into creativity related to love poetry.

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