It’s not raining now

It is not raining now and only the wind is panting to manifest life.

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It’s not raining now, and the wind only wheezes
Among the buildings.
The wall is still there in front.
It lets itself burn,
Your chest curves again.
A memory flees from me.

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A brief note on metaphysics in art

The artistic current of metaphysics delves into the realm of the subconscious and metaphysical, exploring concepts beyond the physical world. The protagonists of this movement often sought to depict surreal and dreamlike images in their works. One of the key figures associated with metaphysical art is Giorgio de Chirico, whose paintings often featured enigmatic cityscapes and mysterious, shadowy figures. De Chirico’s works, such as “The Song of Love” and “The Enigma of the Oracle,” are characterized by their eerie and unsettling atmospheres, inviting viewers to ponder the deeper meanings hidden in the compositions.

Metaphysical landscape with large red brick tenements and a leaden sky even though it is not raining
Metaphysical landscape with sizeable red brick tenements and a motionless leaden sky. It is not raining, but the air contains a life paralyzed by a dreamlike and almost inexplicable stasis.

Metaphysical art challenges conventional perceptions of reality, inviting viewers to question the boundaries between dreams and waking life. The emphasis of movement on enigmatic and symbolic imagery creates a sense of mystery and intrigue, drawing viewers into a world beyond logic and reason. Through their works, metaphysical artists seek to evoke a sense of wonder and contemplation, encouraging viewers to explore the hidden depths of their subconscious.

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