EphMrA 2019 Switzerland one day meeting

I’m pleased to be a speaker in EphMrA 2019 one-day meeting in Basel, Switzerland (event page with all information) on September, 24th. My presentation will be: “Customer Jouney Optimization through Reinforcement Learning”. Even if the time slot is limited, I’ll do my best to show how it’s possible to employ innovative machine learning methods to optimize complex marketing processes and improve customer satisfaction. I invite everybody who lives or is in Basel to partecipate. All required information about the venue and the agenda are provided in the link above. Photo by Odin Aerni on Unsplash.   Recommendations and User-Profiling from Implicit Feedbacks – Giuseppe Bonaccorso The vast majority of B2C services are quickly discovering the strategic importance of solid recommendation engines to improve the conversion rates and an establish a stronger fidelity with the customers.