Deep learning, God and Zen emptiness

It’s quite terrifying discovering how deep learning can work smoothly while performing tasks that even human beings consider difficult. Undoubtedly it’s stunning, extraordinary, but at the same time, it’s almost a terrible discovery. I must confess that I’ve never liked reductionism and I still continue thinking about and “ego” behind the scenes, someone or something, that cannot be a pure neural production. Indeed I don’t have any element to say that my brain is the subject of my thoughts and maybe I’m wrong when thinking that a complex task (like image recognition or text decoding) is something that doesn’t belong to a mechanical world. Lots of biological mysteries keep charming everyone even if we all know almost everything about their inner dynamics, but there’s a difference, a singularity point when switching our topics to the human mind. I love artificial intelligence, machine learning and, of course, deep learning (which is something possible […]