Hetero-Associative Memories for Non Experts: How “Stories” are memorized with Image-associations

Think about walking along a beach. The radio of a small kiosk-bar is turned-on and a local DJ announces an 80’s song. Immediately, the image of a car comes to your mind. It’s your first car, a second-hand blue spider. While listening to the same song, you drove your girlfriend to the beach, about 25 years ago. It was the first time you made love to her. Now imagine a small animal (normally a prey, like a rodent) roaming around the forest and looking for food. A sound is suddenly heard and the rodent rises its head. Is it the pounding of water or a lion’s roar? We can skip the answer right now. Let’s only think about the ways an animal memory can work. Computer science drove us to think that memories must always be loss-less, efficient and organized like structured repositories. They can be split into standard-size slots […]