Seq2Seq experiment with mathematical expressions

After reading the article “How to Learn to Add Numbers with seq2seq Recurrent Neural Networks” by Jason Brownlee (that I suggest reading before going on), I’ve decided to try an experiment with more complex expressions like: -(10+5) or 4+ -2, etc. The code (with some extra information) is published on the GIST:, where there are also some test results. Unfortunately, the results are not extraordinary and there are still many errors, however, I think it depends on the size of the dataset and on the limited ability to generalize that Seq2Seq networks show. I’m working on an enhanced version, to allow a bit more generalization. Complete Python script (Keras 2 with Theano/Tensorflow is needed, moreover I’ve used Scikit-Learn for binarization): View the code on Gist. See also: Hopfield Networks addendum: Brain-State-in-a-Box model – Giuseppe Bonaccorso The Brain-State-in-a-Box is neural model proposed by Anderson, Silverstein, Ritz and Jones in 1977, that […]