A toy abandoned in the trash

Like a new toy,
Inexperienced hands study me.

They do not feed me,
Nor do they throw me among the piles of lysed rags.

They leave me motionless,
with his back to the ground
And the gaze pointed at the ceiling.

My glass eyes shine white:
It’s cold, the glow I swallow.

The embrace of a dummy warms me,
The smell of paint intoxicates me:
Those hands do not feed me,
Nor do they throw me in the trash.

They leave me motionless,
like an expired carrion
After the passage of the street washers.

Deposited for legal protection with Patamu: certificate

Like a toy, you’ve grown tired of existential boredom in human relationships

Human and romantic relationships can often fall into a habit, degenerating into destructive boredom, a common existential condition affecting individuals and romantic connections equally. The monotony and lack of excitement can lead to dissatisfaction and disconnection within relationships. Throughout history, art and poetry have represented and explored this aspect of human experience.

Like an abandoned toy, boredom in human relationships can become a destructive factor
Like an abandoned toy, boredom in human relationships can turn a partner into an object that has exhausted its function and persists in existential suffering.

Artists and poets have often depicted boredom in relationships through various means, such as metaphors, symbolism, and vivid imagery, to convey the sense of emotional emptiness and stagnation. Their works express the challenge of maintaining passion and vitality in relationships over time. Delving into the complexity of boredom in human connections, art, and poetry offers insights into the fragility and dynamics of love and intimacy.

In conclusion, boredom is a universal experience in human and romantic relationships, and through art and poetry, this existential condition is wonderfully captured and understood, enabling individuals to reflect and navigate the complexities of emotional bonds.

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