An ant

An ant

An ant walks alone
In the desert of my wall.
I watch it motionless. I feel immense.

The void drips with inhuman sweat.

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Brief literary note on poetic hermeticism

Poetic Hermeticism is a literary movement characterized by its esoteric and obscure language, often delving into mystical and philosophical themes. Key artistic representatives of this movement include poets such as Paul Celan, who is known for his intricate use of language and deep exploration of human suffering and trauma.

Celan’s poems often contain hidden meanings and allusions, inviting readers to unravel the layers of symbolism within his work. Another significant figure in Hermetic poetry is Rainer Maria Rilke, whose lyrical and reflective poems evoke a sense of spiritual transcendence and existential contemplation.

Cover of the magazine
The cover of the Italian magazine “Il Tempo” (1953) features an article on Giuseppe Ungaretti (1888 – 1970), probably the most significant representative of minimalist poetic hermeticism.

Rilke’s poetry is renowned for its rich imagery and deep emotional depth, which capture the complexities of human experience. These poets, along with others such as T.S. Eliot and Emily Dickinson, made invaluable contributions to poetic hermeticism, shaping the movement with their unique artistic visions and innovative linguistic techniques.

Another prominent figure is Giuseppe Ungaretti, whose minimalist approach and attention to the essence of language left a lasting impact on the poetic landscape. These poets often explore the depths of human experience, employing intricate wordplay and elusive imagery to evoke deep emotions and insights. Poetic Hermeticism thus represents a testimony to the power of language to transcend the mundane and touch the sublime.

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