Welcomeelcome! This is the microcosm of Giuseppe Bonaccorso, an “open” space where different disciplines conflagrate in an uninterrupted succession of artistic creations (music, poetry, literature, and philosophy). May your stay be pleasant and enlightening!

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A brief introduction to the world of Giuseppe Bonaccorso

Giuseppe Bonaccorso is a classical guitarist and poet who lives in Italy and works without boundaries. He has published several poetry books and has been awarded in many competitions.

Giuseppe Bonaccorso has been interested in creative activities since childhood, when he started creating pottery sculptures.

He was guided by his father, a sculptor and painter who worked in Caltagirone (on the beautiful Sicilian island), famous for pottery and maiolica artifacts.

Since a young age, he has studied and practiced music and literature, not neglecting his interest in scientific and technical topics like computer science and adaptive systems.

Giuseppe Bonaccorso while playing classical guitar: the instrument that expresses in the best way the poetry of music!
Giuseppe Bonaccorso (Photo taken in 2023)

  Life Philosophy

He always thought that eclecticism was a key to driving any human progress. That’s why he also studied electronics engineering (focused on intelligent systems and automation), data science, and business administration, focusing his primary interest on philosophy of mind and artificial intelligence.

  Artistic activities of Giuseppe Bonaccorso

In the meantime, he wrote several poems, novels, essays, and technical best-seller books. However, music remained his more profound love, particularly baroque and classical compositions and music for classical guitar.

His guitar repertoire includes classical eighteenth- and nineteenth-century works, including Sor, Giuliani, Tarrega, and Paganini, and compositions by Bach, Scarlatti, Brouwer, Villa-Lobos, and many other contemporary composers.

Giuseppe Bonaccorso, in an abstract image, surrounded by his interests, like gods of a creative pantheon.
In an abstract image, Giuseppe Bonaccorso is surrounded by his interests, like the gods of a creative pantheon.

The poetry that most represents him is based on the fusion of Hermeticism and Symbolism, currents that he traces back to an existentialist reflection on various aspects of life and the constant search for meaning.

Through artistic expression, after various experiences involving the most disparate intellectual fields, Giuseppe Bonaccorso constantly seeks that “way out,” that magical gateway that can restore man to his natural fullness.

  Further information about Giuseppe Bonaccorso

See also the About Me page for further information, or explore Parallel Universes to access all the other contents created by Giuseppe Bonaccorso (in particular, Poetry (IIIIII) and Short Stories). Moreover, I invite you to follow my Miniblog, where posts about music, poetry, and philosophy are published almost daily.

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