Software for Artificial Minds

“These little grey cells. It is up to them”
(A. Christie)
“The press, the machine, the railway, the telegraph are premises
whose thousand-year conclusion no one has yet dared to draw”
(F. Nietzsche)

I am an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning manager with a strong focus on Deep Learning and pragmatic Data Science.

I was (and I am) involved in several projects based on the following technologies: Python, C/C++, Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, and many other scientific frameworks.

My main interests include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Convolutional Networks, and Sequence Modeling, Bio-inspired adaptive systems, Computational mathematics, and Number theory.

I’ve been working in the following business contexts: Public administrations, Utilities, NATO/military organizations, Healthcare Informatics, Online advertising, and B2C services.

I’m a professional member of IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, AAAI, ACM, IAENG, AICA, SFIA and Agile Manifesto.

Check also my latest machine learning and data science books:

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