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This is the third page of the index of all poetic material Giuseppe Bonaccorso wrote. It includes poems, poetic prose, and poetry books. All poems on this site have been released free of charge, although sometimes they have been published in poetry journals or books.

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Abstract painting by Georges Mathieu. Poetry can be found in visual art, particularly when it seeks to transcend the limits of pure representation.
Abstract painting by Georges Mathieu. Poetry can be found in visual art, particularly when it seeks to transcend the limits of pure representation.


  • The mist: Mist is an enchanted atmosphere that rests on the details of everyday life. It is a poem cloaked in nihilism that reflects on the meaninglessness and mystery of the universe.
  • Sometimes: Loneliness can sometimes be overwhelming, creating a sense of cold isolation even in the warmth of home. Find out about it in this poem!
  • Crowd: The crowd on the street, shrouded in modesty. Each expression, “I’m fine” or “I’m sick,” masks a profound alienation in this poem.
  • Shadows: Plastic shadows, thick as oil, create a surreal atmosphere in this poem, nodding with cold satisfaction at Kant’s efforts.
  • A cardboard sailing ship: A cardboard sailing ship glides hesitantly over the rough surface of a stream, creating a nostalgic echo in the darkness of a poetic dream.
  • I have been a thief, a murderer: From stealing souls to breaking hearts and seeking solace in vices, the poem tells the truth of a “thief and murderer” of souls.
  • Appian Way: As the Christmas spirit envelops the Appian Way through various vignettes, the poem portrays scenes of life and photographs colorful details.
  • Ocean: Explore the ocean of emotions concealed in this poem written in Copacabana. Existential questions and answers that resonate with the undertow of the sea.
  • I do not write what cheers: A journey into the dark side of poetry. Not everyone will like it, but those who can see the beauty in what they don’t like will find something special here.
  • The last day of a journey: Experience the excitement of the last day of a journey in this poem. Memories crowd in, and blank postcards are filled with stories to tell.
  • Don’t cry staring at a wall: Dig into the universe of poetry and mystery: don’t cry staring at a wall. Participate in an existential journey between man, life, and divinity.
  • The Earth opened up: This poem experiences the reality of the Earth opening up and touching the threshold of death—an emotional trip through fears and hopes.
  • Truth in Gown: Discover the truth hidden behind the illusion — a fascinating poem exploring the power of relationships and emotions.
  • Eros and Thanatos: A soul suspended between Eros and Thanatos. Discover the meaning of these opposing forces in this poem of inner struggle.
  • The Last Flower: Thrill yourself with ‘The Last Flower,’ a poem about the loneliness of waiting and longing to be loved.
  • In a little while, those bullets: Immerse yourself in the poetry and intensity of bullets. It is a unique experience that will make you reflect on the meaning of life and being.
  • Whispered like misty cries: Soak in the cries that fray prayers in the fog — an experience of twilight poetry in an immensely dark universe.
  • Don’t Look for Me: Dust and error take shape in the poem ‘Don’t Look for Me.’ A profound analysis of human beings and their existential deserts.
  • They sparkled like never before: With dancing colors and breaths, this compelling poem explores the mysteries of nocturnal drawings. Learn more!
  • Behind the glass of an aquarium: Explore the poetry behind the shadows of an aquarium and immerse yourself in a world of existential transparency where communication becomes ephemeral.
  • An Old Woman in a Blue Dress: An Old Woman in a Blue Dress is a poem about luck appearing and vanishing stealthily. Learn more and get inspired!

Short compositions

  • Quartet of Short Poems No.2: The images in the quartet of short poems paint a picture of interconnectedness and tranquility amidst chaos, contrasts, and hermeticism.
  • Between the Moon and the Night: A streetlamp emits flashes of light in the darkness between the moon and the night as footsteps echo without turning back, and the last quasar fades away smiling.

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Brief literary note on the poetics of Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire, a leading figure in French literature and pioneer of modernist poetry, is known for his unique and innovative poetic style that revolutionized the landscape of poetry in the 19th century. His poetics is characterized by rich and evocative imagery, unconventional themes, and a profound exploration of the complexities of life, passions, and the human psyche.

Undoubtedly, one of Baudelaire’s most important works is “Les Fleurs du Mal” (ed. “The Flowers of Evil“), a poetic collection that explores themes of beauty, decadence, and the fleeting nature of life. In this seminal work, Baudelaire combines traditional poetic forms with a modern sensibility, creating a lyrical and disturbing exploration of the darker aspects of human existence.

"Les Fleurs du mal" (I fiori del male) di Charles Baudelaire è un'opera contenente poesie di tipo introspettivo, crepuscolare e guidate da un'insaziabile desiderio di esplorazione dell'animo umano e delle sue passioni.
“Les Fleurs du mal” (The Flowers of Evil) by Charles Baudelaire is a reflective, crepuscular poetic work guided by an insatiable desire to explore the human soul and its passions.

Another critical aspect of Baudelaire’s poetic style is his use of symbolism and metaphor to convey complex emotions and ideas. His poems are filled with powerful imagery that invites readers to delve into the depths of human experience and confront the inherent contradictions of modern life.

In conclusion, Charles Baudelaire’s poetic style is characterized by his bold experimentation, vivid imagery, and deep understanding of the human condition, making him a seminal figure in the history of modern poetry.

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