The earth opened up

Crater, a rift in the earth

The earth opened up.

The ground on which I was resting my feet opened up.
A small playground,
the big building, the kindergarten, my whole being in the corolla of a flower.

The ground opened up, on which I bumped my face.
That wall, my confidence, and then the crash,
And beings now superhuman to hold my hand.

The earth opened on which I saw death,
The cold calculation of the corridor,
The night in a rectangle of false light,
And you, beside me, the whole night, reassuring me,
To give respite to my dreams.

The earth opened up.
I fall now. The void is not the abyss.
In the emptiness, I feel my body explode inside me.
And they are everything again.

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A brief note on the effects of hallucinogenic substances

Hallucinogens have been the subject of fascination and controversy for centuries, with various authors sharing their unique experiences with these mind-altering substances. Among the most famous stories is Aldous Huxley‘s “The Doors of Perception,” in which he delves into the effects of mescaline and its impact on perception and consciousness. Huxley’s introspective journey has inspired many to explore the realms of psychedelics for spiritual and psychological insight.

Man standing in a forest fruit of hallucinogenic substances
Psychedelic substances generate traumatic disruption of neural functioning, with even permanent consequences. Controlled doses, despite the great danger; therefore, any use of them is not recommended, lead to altered states of consciousness in which various phenomena are amplified, causing one to experience sensations that cover the entire human emotional spectrum.

Similarly, in his book “True Hallucinations,” Terence McKenna elaborated on his encounters with ayahuasca and the profound insights he gained into the nature of reality and human consciousness. McKenna’s vivid descriptions of his hallucinogenic experiences have influenced many in the psychedelic community and beyond. On the other hand, “How to Change Your Mind” by Michael Pollan provides a more contemporary perspective on psychedelic substances, exploring their therapeutic potential and the science behind their effects.

Through the accounts of these authors, the role of hallucinogens in expanding consciousness, fostering introspection, and challenging conventional perceptions is deeply explored, shedding light on the complex and multifaceted nature of these substances.

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