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Divya Poojari

Giuseppe has a been a delight to work with. He possesses the vision of a true technology expert, which aids him in penning down his perspective of the technology with absolute finesse. His writing style has a personal touch to it, which keeps the readers glued to his content. He is constantly looking at new ways to make his content more appealing to the readers by restructuring content in order to craft a perfect book. I consider it an honor for me to be associated with an expert like Giuseppe. I wish him all the luck with his future endeavors.

03/27/2018, Packt Publishing

Stephen Balmer

Giuseppe is a greatly motivated and result driven individual who never loses sight of the end point. Within our industry Service provision is a key and growing requirement and Guiseppe’s experience and expertise allows him to recognise those opportunities and needs. Aligning those needs with the capabilities of his teams, Giuseppe has and I am sure will always delivered in excess of expectation. He is clear and concise of communication and a pleasure to work with.

02/16/2013, Abbott Diagnostics

Rafael Salvador

He is a responsible, pragmatic and very goal-oriented. It is involved in everything you do and his direct communication makes working with him very effective and comfortable.

02/13/2013, Abbott Diagnostics

Akrom Hossain

I have the great pleasure in observing Guiseppe’s extraordinary skill and perseverance in understanding customer needs and preparing solutions with innovative products and services to meet those customer needs. He is very effective in embracing changes in an organization and builds good relations across different areas of an organization.

12/15/2012, Abbott Diagnostics

Thamayra Lopez

I met Giuseppe in a global IT Meeting in 2010. It called my attention his deep knowledge about IT solutions regarding how to lead a project and how to be innovative in this sector. Also, he showed his commitment with the organization. Giuseppe is a visionary professional, goal oriented person and likes team working.

06/11/2013, Abbott Diagnostics

Rajiv Haravu

I worked with Giuseppe in 2011 to help install and evaluate the beta version of a lab informatics product. I was very impressed with Giuseppe’s excellent relationship with his customers, his understanding of the markets in which he operated, his drive, and his energy. Giuseppe is a very talented person and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.

03/30/2013, Abbott Diagnostics

Tracey Boone

I worked with Giuseppe Bonaccorso for eighteen months in my role as Senior Product Manager in Abbott Diagnostics Informatics. Shortly after taking on this role, I was put in touch with Giuseppe for background information on the Italian region’s laboratory informatics needs. Giuseppe proved to be an extremely valuable contact. He has an excellent working knowledge of both the Italian clinical laboratory market and current clinical laboratory informatics solutions; he also has a vast network of both internal and external contacts.

Giuseppe was instrumental in securing a customer beta testing site that allowed us to refine our software product and test our installation and implementation process. He provided support not only in recruiting and retaining the customer testing site but was also a key component of our success during the testing period. Giuseppe exhibited absolutely the right blend of sales, commercial and technical knowledge to work effectively with the customer, internal colleagues and our research and development organization. This combination of skills ensured that our customer found value in the software, valuable feedback was obtained, testing timelines were met and internal processes were refined. Giuseppe’s efforts eventually secured a long term (informatics key opinion leader) relationship with the customer.

In short, Giuseppe provided a wealth of technical and commercial knowledge to our team which enabled a successful commercial launch of a very complex product. He willingly shared his expertise and was unfailingly patient, professional and knowledgeable. I would endorse Giuseppe without reservation – he is an asset to our organization.

01/09/2012, Abbott Diagnostics

Allison Foil

Giuseppe is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to customer needs and opportunities. He organized visits for a U.S. team to 3 key customers in Italy, translated materials, and helped facilitate discussions around software development opportunities. Giuseppe is a committed professional who always puts the customer first. He will do well in the diagnostics informatics business.

01/27/2011, Abbott Diagnostics

Vincenzo Giannattasio Dell’Isola

Giuseppe is a high level professional in Servirce and IT Solution with strategic vision, strongly focused on business target, cooperation attitude, and great personal relationship management.

08/01/2010, Abbott Diagnostics

Maureen Langton-Clayton

Giuseppe is a passionate and results driven person. He actively participates in international meetings and demonstrates great leadership abilities. He has both strong technical and communication skills and is a pleasure to work with!

07/16/2010, Abbott Diagnostics

Angelo Pallaro

I worked with Giuseppe on some complex projects regarding Service Department. We had the opportunity to develop and launch a big project oriented to the Proactive Remote Service on the Diagnostic Field.
That Project, that required a high level of focus and coordination between our departments, was lead with a strong commitment of Giuseppe. I found him to be an exceptional professional in his field always willing to adapt to changing situations and oriented to the innovation. He work with respect of his peers and subordinates, and is a pleasure to work with him. Strong Tech. capacity, knowledge, and open mind, are the strong characteristic of Giuseppe.

05/28/2011, Abbott Diagnostics

Vincenzo Giannattasio Dell’Isola

Giuseppe is very goal oriented and determined in pursuing business goals. He is very transparent and fair in his behaviour.

05/20/2008, Insiel

Ercole Colonese

Giuseppe is able to play both technical and business analyst roles. Working in the last challenging e-goverment project, he demonstrated his ability to investigating business problems in detail, to founding application solutions, to designing application architecture, and to supporting developers in solving technical problems.

08/20/2007, Insiel


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