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What snack would you eat right now?

close up photo of pizza with cheeseIt can appear strange, but I’m Italian and haven’t eaten pizza for a long time. This might disappoint some foreigners, but it’s true, I swear!

Hence, I would probably have a “Capricciosa” pizza with tomato, mozzarella, ham, eggs, and mushrooms. It’s my favorite, and I’ve always chosen it.

However, some time ago, I watched a YouTube video where two pizza maniacs (from the USA) visited the oldest “pizzeria” in Naples. I don’t remember its name, but there’s always a long line, and you need to take a number when you arrive and then wait for a server to call you.

I had the chance to eat a pizza in Naples only once, which was excellent. But when I saw the couple having an original “Margherita,” with the typing gummy thin dough a little burned at the edges, I could taste its fragrance through my smartphone!

So, what would I grab now? An original Neapolitan pizza! No doubts!

Addendum: I found the original video! It’s by The Gone Gurl YouTube channel:

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Photo by Pablo Pacheco


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