Update: new poem “Nymphs, elves, gods and goats”

news, daily newspaper, pressI’ve added a new poem, “Nymphs, elves, gods, and goats.” It’s a contemporary poetic composition that depicts a scene with nymphs, elves, gods, and goats waiting in the wings. Meanwhile, Venus laughs, Pan runs here and there, flamenco dancers scramble, and Polyphemus gazes at the horizon. You can find inspiration in Ulysses’s dreams. Read about a dusty heaven in this mythological poem!

Nymphs, elves, gods and goats

Nymphs, elves, gods, and goats wait in the wings. Venus laughs, Pan wears herself out, flamenco dancers, and Polyphemus. Find inspiration in the dreams of Ulysses. Read Dusty Heaven in a mythological poem.

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