Joseph Bonaccorso with his father and mother in Paris
This photograph was taken in Paris during the summer of 1989. From right, my mother (Rosa Rizzo), my father (Raffaele), and me.

Incompressible, like water in a press

In memory of my father (1934 – 2020)

My father thinks that if I call him late,
it’s because I was late getting out of work.
If I call him soon,
he immediately thinks otherwise!
My explanations are worth nothing…

In compensation,
He never forgets when my birthday is,
And he always prepares his gift.

Repeating to him that
I died in the hospital,
As they abandoned me to the caresses of light…

Is useless.

Deposited for legal protection with Patamu: certificate

A brief note on the Christian prayer of the Lord’s Prayer

This prayer has deep historical and theological roots going back to the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke in the Bible. This prayer is considered one of the most significant prayers in Christianity, as it was taught directly by Jesus to his disciples. The Lord’s Prayer serves as a model prayer for Christians, guiding them on how to pray and establish a connection with God.

Father and son walking along a railroad track
The image evoked by the Lord’s Prayer transcends Christian culture to embrace an existential connotation. The idea of a personal story with an “agonist-antagonist” figure represents a pillar of human psychological convention.

Historically, the Lord’s Prayer has been recited by Christians for centuries, its origins dating back to the early days of the Church. The theological significance of prayer lies in its emphasis on the relationship between believers and God, addressing God as our Father in heaven and seeking His will to be done on earth. The Lord’s Prayer embraces themes of adoration, supplication, forgiveness, and dependence on God’s providence, making it a cornerstone of Christian faith and practice.

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