Beggars of the spirit at my door

People who demonstrate in support of religion: beggars of the spirit

…And I began to preach to men.
The beauty of religion and Gnosis:
“O peoples, men born of the earth, engulfed
In drunkenness, sleep, and ignorance
Of God, be sober, cease the crapule
And wake up from unreasonable sleep! “… “

(Hermes Trismegistus, Pimander)

Beggars of the spirit at my door.
A crowd.
Multitude of nothingness
multiplied by poor
Disguised as enlightened.

Beggars of the night at my door.
A crowd of corpses.
A procession of souls with nooses around their necks.
Immense expanses of vacuity
branded as beasts
In the shadow of an old altar.

Among them, a look that was mine.
Almost to the point of giving itself to fire,
To extreme liberation,
That, among notes, afterwords and miscellaneous,
Promises oblivion at the cost of a penny.
A nothing for.
…a nothing.

Do not ask if she’s with me,
don’t ask…

She is among the ideas,
lives on illusions
And so it is eternal,
In a merry-go-round of saints and gods,
in a ceaseless succession
Of the blessed and the damned,
both the same
both fulfilled
From the glow of summer.

Because they both saw the stars
And both,
never pay,
copulated with the absolute
And they were,
from that time forward,
children of the eternal
unfolded on the eternal.

Your smile
Beyond the fold of night.


Deposited for legal protection with Patamu: certificate

A brief note on investigations in the field of spirit

Throughout history, different thinkers have approached the search for authentic spirituality with different perspectives and methodologies. From ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle to modern scholars such as Carl Gustav Jung and Joseph Campbell, the concept of spirituality has been explored through different lenses.

For example, Plato believed in a higher realm of perfect forms, where spiritual truth could be found through contemplation and intellectual inquiry. On the other hand, Aristotle stressed the importance of virtuous living and ethical behavior as paths to spiritual fulfillment.

Portrait of Carl Gustav Jung, the psychologist who was most interested in the problems of the spirit
Portrait of Carl Gustav Jung, the psychologist who was most interested in the problems of the spirit with a scientific vision. While remaining anchored in the most rigorous medical-psychiatric research method, he analyzed the origin of the “creatures” of the unconscious, finding traces in ancient cults and mythology.

In more recent times, Jung and Campbell have delved into the realms of mythology and the collective unconscious to uncover universal truths about human experience and the nature of spirituality. They stressed the importance of inner exploration and personal growth as essential components of spiritual development.

By examining these different perspectives, we can better understand the different ways in which true spirituality has been conceptualized and sought throughout history.

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