Infinite nigredo

Print of an ancient alchemical text depicting the process of nigredoThe beginning of everything and “the whole.”

Infinite nigredo,
Toward and beyond the thresholds that are not.

In this driveway,
nights parade in front of me,
And women of Greek perfection.

Infinite nigredo
For a weeping soul,
that cries and despairs
For being born a goddess.

Goddess, who, in this driveway,
Who strolls
Where no one is watching.
Who leads and reigns
Where the night darkens and kills.

Infinite nigredo
Toward and beyond the thresholds that will be.
And there you are.
In the dark.
Through air envy.
like the soul,
that born Goddess
Is incensed with itself;
and laughs.

It laughs
Drunk with eternity.

To the limine of essence,
your breath is already
Among my impenetrable

Deposited for legal protection with Patamu: certificate

Nigredo is a stage in the alchemical process that is the first step toward transformation and enlightenment. It is often depicted as blackening or rotting matter, symbolizing the decay and dissolution of the old self.

This stage is crucial for the alchemist, as it requires him to face and embrace his darker, hidden aspects. It is a time for introspection and self-reflection, as digging deep into one’s psyche is necessary to discover the truths within its meanderings.

During this phase, the alchemist must surrender to the chaos of intrinsic reality and the uncertainty of events, trusting that this is necessary for rebirth and purification. Nigredo is not a comfortable or easy process, but it is essential for growth and evolution.

Through this night of the soul, the alchemist can shed his old skin and emerge transformed, ready to embark on the next phase of his journey.

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