Faces of boredom study my features

Representation of existential boredom, an inescapable condition for human beings

Faces of boredom study my features.

Unnecessarily terse
the skies beyond the pupils
And turned off,
By now,
The street lamps that pale in the morning.

I wonder,
With the insistence of a gnat,
If the God of weary days
Also lives his boredom.

And maybe,
amidst a deluge
And the pleading of an old woman,
fall asleep,
hoping to wake up
Drunk with demure torpor.

Oh, delirious masses,
Awake my boredom
By screaming faint whispers
Of madness!

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Brief thoughts on existential boredom

Existential boredom, also known as ennui, is a profound concept widely explored by renowned philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre. This philosophical notion deepens the feeling of vacuity, meaninglessness, and disconnection that individuals experience when faced with the inherent uncertainties and absurdities of existence.

Sartre believed that existential boredom arises from our innate desire for meaning and the harsh reality of a world that often seems indifferent and purposeless.

According to Sartre, boredom is not simply a passing feeling of boredom but a deeply rooted existential angst that stems from the same, inescapable human condition.

Painting titled
The painting is entitled “Ennui” by Walter Sickert (1860 – 1942). Existential boredom transcends the simple reality of not committing. It is a condition ingrained in the human soul and spreads like oil when one explores the inescapable truth of existence and anguish.

This deep dissatisfaction can lead individuals to question the meaning of their lives and choices, ultimately prompting a search for authenticity and purpose in a seemingly chaotic and absurd world.

Essentially, existential boredom serves as a poignant reminder of our fundamental freedom and responsibility to create meaning in a world that can often seem confusing and uncertain.

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