Technological Humanism

We are assisting a new kind of humanism. In a period characterized by a continuous “wave” of technological improvements, the oldest idea of a person is again ready to be considered a concrete focal point. Even the most orthodox “tech-fun” can easily understand the importance of putting each natural, direct relation inside a world often made up of silicon and intangible information atoms.

Protest demonstration. The search for a new humanism must start from rationality.

I’m also an engineer and certainly won’t try to hide my “love” for any technology. However, I’m also looking at the impressive growth of social networks, and the only plausible reason that comes to my mind is that of a different approach to technology’s widespread. It is not a product to study, customize, and eventually use, but rather a service “forged” on actual needs and, above all, wholly human-oriented.

Several authors (like J. Rifkin) wrote books and papers about this phenomenon, but it’s pretty challenging to feel its enormous strength without a stop… Yes, an actual life-stream stop: think about your life twenty years ago without any reference to your current way of facing each situation, then compare these two realities, and the strangest paradox is that a “feared” trend towards a machine-controlled world is instead getting into a new human “revolution” driven by the technology itself!

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