Long life means a baby’s life

What are your thoughts on the concept of living a very long life?

selective focus photography of baby holding wooden cubeI believe it’s difficult for us to appreciate the value of each moment human minds face. We take for granted that we will wake up tomorrow, just like every other day, and seldom consider that every moment could potentially be our last.

Hence, I try to think about my life without emphasizing its potential duration too much. I know I will die someday in the future, but it’s like trying to focus my attention on a blurred image.

I remember an Italian movie where a character told the main one that saying “See you!” is a way to be immortal. I second his opinion because we are “programmed” not to be able to look at an end, whatever it is.

Although I hope to live a long life and accomplish many things, upon reflection, I realize that this may be an illusion. I need to consider the possibility of a continuation after my death and be conscious of it now so that I can look back on my life with a sense of fulfillment.

Humans are limited to looking at only one side of the wall, which creates a false boundary. Our lives are long and short, but ultimately, they “are.” There are no other options. No one can contemplate their non-existence.

That’s why we should focus on the present moment, assuming it has a forward temporal extension where nothing too strange can happen. In this “time window,” we organize our existence.

Humans tend to lose track of time and the reality of our mortality. We often extend the duration of moments without even realizing it, transforming a mere minute into a day, a week, or even a month. This tendency can make us act like immortal beings, even when our end is approaching.

Babies can teach us a valuable lesson about living in the present moment. They don’t worry about the future and have a basic understanding of time. Therefore, they are free to act without any fear of judgment. This idea is similar to Nietzsche’s concept of the “übermensch,” where individuals should evolve beyond the limitations of ordinary people and become immortal, that is, babies.

I hope to one day reach a level of maturity where I can view my life as infinite, regardless of its length. Although the length of my life is beyond my control, I want to learn from babies and adjust my actions and thoughts accordingly.

Uncertainty looms over my success, but I can still take the first step toward it by saying, “Yes, of course!”

Photo by Colin Maynard


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