The Road is Always Ahead

Do you spend more time thinking about the future or the past? Why?

asphalt road between treesI spend much more time thinking about the future. Of course, it doesn’t mean that my past has no impact on my life. It does! And sometimes, I also understand that particular past events cause some present behaviors.

However, as I discussed in a previous question, I have no power over the past. It simply happened, with sound or dire consequences, but it’s now out of my control.

When I understand that, for example, a reaction is related to something I lived in during my childhood, I feel anger, anxiety, or another negative emotion. But, immediately after the “explosion,” I constantly refocus on my present and think: “This is what I have to build my future. All the energy conveyed into anger should be used to empower my current will.

I have firsthand experience that this approach effectively achieves challenging goals despite low optimism.

My motto is: “The road is always ahead,” and it’s where I want to go. I am myself today because I was “someone else” in the past. It’s time to capitalize on my errors and take another step forward. And then another one, and so forth. Forever!

Photo by Matt Duncan


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