In the beginning was the Word

In the beginning was the Word

In the beginning was the Word.
Then it was ashes.
And out of the ashes flowed hope.

In the mountains,
Into the valleys,
People on people to rise again;
hanging from electrical wires,
the last clothes to be cleaned.

Four ways,
Four roads that only the wind will travel.
And the night,
” Nature abhors a vacuum “
…and also darkness,
And the beggars of transcendence,
And the barrels emptied,
with files of Gods
Waiting for the last hangover.

“Nature is a child of time.”
over the threshold
millions of sprockets,
prayers and screeching
To make the last heartbeat.

Drops on glass,
Crept in like mute souls.

The road to the stars
Passes through the foundation.

Beyond the threshold,
A junkyard washes his hands.

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Theological and philosophical considerations

The prologue of St. John’s gospel is a profound introduction to the theological and philosophical ideas presented in his gospel. It begins by declaring that in the beginning was the Word, emphasizing the pre-existence and divinity of Jesus Christ.

Orthodox icon depicting St. John the Evangelist
Orthodox icon depicting St. John the Evangelist Evangelista

St. John explores the concept of light, symbolizing spiritual illumination and the revelation of God’s truth. In addition, the prologue highlights the theme of salvation through faith in Christ and the transformative power of his grace. Overall, St. John’s prologue sets the stage for a deeper exploration of the nature of God, the divine Word, and the meaning of faith in the Christian tradition.

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