I chewed on pins

I chewed pins in my dreamy silence. To be free, I had to first accept its crushing weight.

I chewed on pins,
I heard them walking,
Feasting and laughing,
as dischargers
free and sinuous
Inside my dreamy silence.

I chewed dreams,
virgins sold in cellophane,
orgasms in installments
And wrinkled images,
Like the greeting you gave me.

I know by now,
you never existed.
Today, I am collecting leaves,
newspaper excerpts,
soiled patches
and I think,
I believe and follow thinking;
but you don’t come
The line of my horizon doesn’t change
And the canvas I painted,
shines today,
mocking as the emotion
I imprinted there too long ago.

I know by now.
And the truth, after all,
made me
Inexorably free.

About you,
Only the breath of wind has existed,
That even today,
sole witness,
seems to be pleading with me.

And I,

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A brief note on the phrase “The truth will set you free.”

In John’s Gospel, Jesus utters the peremptory phrase “the truth will set you free” during a conversation with Jews who believed in Him. This statement is found in John 8:31-32. Jesus explained that by abiding by His teachings and embracing the truth He embodies, they would experience true freedom.

Statue of Jesus carrying the cross. He uttered the phrase 'The truth will make you free'
From an existential point of view, truth is a burden, a cross to bear. It no longer allows any referral and nullifies any illusion. If indeed, it bestows freedom, it also bestows the responsibility of being free, a condition whose burden could sometimes become overwhelming and unbearable.

The context of this verse is crucial to understanding its deeper meaning. Jesus was not talking about political or physical freedom but about spiritual liberation. He meant that knowing and embracing the truth of God’s word would free them from the bondage of sin and worldly falsehoods. By following His teachings, individuals would be freed from guilt, shame, and the eternal consequences of sin.

Therefore, when Jesus said, “The truth will set you free,” he offered a path to spiritual emancipation and salvation. This verse reminds believers that true freedom is living according to God’s truth and walking in His light.

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