My affections

My affections, like water moving an old mill.

Like a water mill,
My affections, tired,
Live their merry-go-round.

A feeble stream pulls them forward,
And, as old men walk up the slope.

They wait patiently for my impatience,
And, finally, they abandon themselves without remorse
Toward the final caress of farewell.

More grain is already to be crumbled
Between the rotten black teeth of the millstone.
Other grain.
Not me.

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A brief note on inconsistent social relations

The inconsistency of social relationships can be attributed to several factors contributing to progressive existential isolation and overwhelming loneliness. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is the prevalence of superficial connections in today’s fast-paced society.

Many prioritize quantity over quality regarding social interactions, leading to tenuous relationships lacking depth and meaning. Moreover, the rise of social media has further perpetuated this problem, with people often substituting online interactions for real-life connections.

Isolated man, devoid of affection, immersed in virtual relationships
Today’s fast-paced, consumerist society has led to a progressive commodification of social relations, trivializing the structure of relationships and the content commonly “exchanged.” This leads many more introverted and less superficial individuals to feel isolated and unable to find fulfilling relationships.

In addition, social pressures and cultural norms can also play a significant role in fostering superficial relationships. People may feel compelled to keep up appearances and uphold specific social standards, preventing them from making genuine and authentic connections with others. This constant facade can cause a deep sense of emptiness and disconnection, eventually leading to a pervasive feeling of loneliness that permeates one’s entire existence.

To combat this trend, individuals must prioritize quality over quantity in their relationships and cultivate meaningful connections based on mutual respect, understanding, and emotional intimacy. By fostering authentic connections with others, it is possible to break free from the cycle of existential isolation and find true companionship and fulfillment in life.

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