Quartet of short poems No. 3

Stack of pebbles, stones and small boulders

A wrinkled pebble
blindfolded tumbles
along a slope
exposed at midnight.

I cry into the sea

I cry into the sea
like crystal drops
eradicated still alive
From the stillness of the clouds.

A boulder slides down from a mountain
into my lemon tea.
The universe, streaked with suns, yawning,
Grows green again among my caresses.

Corks, drunk,
Deposed like columns of a tiny temple.
A caterpillar raises milky verses:
The butterflies go straight into the radiators.

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A brief note on the philosophy of Wabi-sabi

Wabi-sabi (in Japanese, 侘寂) is a Japanese aesthetic that embraces imperfection, impermanence, and simplicity. He finds beauty in modest, aged, and natural things, appreciating the cycle of life and decay. This concept values the authenticity and beauty that come from the peculiarities and uniqueness of an object rather than the often artificial perfection.

In artistic creations, wabi-sabi can be seen in pottery with irregular shapes and subtle glazes, paintings that evoke calm and contemplation, and architecture that seamlessly blends nature with man-made structures.

Rusty deadbolt on a green door. An example of the application of Wabi-sabi culture.
Wabi-sabi is a change in aesthetic perspective. It does not seek artificial perfection but rather appreciates the juxtaposition of imperfect objects that, through their imperfections, harmonize in a context of simplicity and familiarity.

For example, a wabi-sabi teacup may have a crack repaired with gold, highlighting the imperfection rather than hiding it. A photograph capturing a fleeting moment of falling cherry blossoms represents the transient nature of beauty.

A wooden bench altered by time and the elements but still functional and beautiful embodies the essence of wabi-sabi. Embracing this concept can bring peace and appreciation for the imperfect and impermanent aspects of life and art.

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