Sometimes mirroring yourself in the River Lete

A river like the Lete, the river of oblivion

Sometimes, mirroring yourself in the River Lete
Is really a wonderful thing.

Around shadows brightened by a new Sun,
life multiplies
And enjoys a succession of unquenchable hours:
whole eons,
That from nowhere find themselves
To trace the new,
tired features
Of immensity.

Sometimes, mirroring yourself in the River Lete.
Treads the wrinkles on one’s face.

Between furrows of memories,
And useless whining,
life is reborn;
And you are reborn,
You, that, from my beloved Hell,
Wanted me for a single moment,
Among the statues and silvery moans,
Of your beloved Paradise.

Life does not wait for those who want to be born.
But only those who are tired,
and want to leave their place
To the next unfortunate one.

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A brief note on the mythology of the Lete River

The River Lete, known as the River of Oblivion, is significant in Greek mythology. Next to the Lete is another river called the Lete, often considered a spelling variation. In Greek mythology, the River Lete is associated with the Underworld and symbolizes forgetfulness and oblivion. According to myth, the souls of the dead drank from the waters of the Lete to forget their past lives before reincarnation.

Deities related to the Lete River include Hypnos, the god of sleep, and his twin brother Thanatos, the personification of death. Both deities play a crucial role in guiding souls to the Underworld and ensuring they drink from the Lete to erase their memories before moving on to the afterlife.

The River Lete and the reincarnation of souls
The River Lete is linked to the myth of Er, who went down it to learn about the mystery of the reincarnation of souls, which is also contemplated in Greek mythology.

The myth of the Lete River and its divine connections highlight the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth in ancient Greek beliefs, emphasizing the importance of forgetting past sorrows and experiences to embrace new beginnings.

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