Trio of Short Poems No. 1

Like the ball in a pinball machine, I spend my life.

Like the ball of a pinball machine,
I spend the centuries in lights and sounds.

The end,
(as deep as the valley where I was born),
Is a multitude of motionless,
other me.

The splintered lament of fat bells
Creeps to the edges of a buried city.

A recalcitrant caterpillar will become a butterfly today:
Because the abyss is so much bitter
For those approaching,
At the edge of the absolute?

Dew fragments,
On my outstretched arm toward the dawn.

And you,

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A brief note on existentialist poetry

Existentialist poetry delves into themes of individual freedom, responsibility, and the search for meaning in a seemingly indifferent world. Poets often explore the complexities of human existence, questioning the nature of reality and existence itself. Some key characteristics of existentialist poetry include attention to the inner thoughts and emotions of the individual, a sense of alienation and despair, and a questioning of social norms and values.

Melanchiolie by Edvard Munch
Melanchiolie by Edvard Munch (1863 – 1944). Existentialist poetry focuses a great deal on melancholy, understood not as mere ill humor but as the main symptom of a closeness to a reality that envelops and crushes. In these painful moments, man rediscovers his authentic self, and consumerist society wants to drown in a whirlwind of uncontrolled but homogenizing emotions.

Major poets in the field of existentialist poetry include Rainer Maria Rilke, known for his collection “Duine Elegies,” which reflects on human experience and the search for transcendence. Another notable figure is Paul Celan, whose work often addresses the aftermath of the Holocaust and the trauma of human suffering. Sylvia Plath is also considered an essential existentialist poet, with her confessional style and exploration of mental illness and identity.

These poets and their works embody the essence of existentialist poetry, capturing the essence of human existence and the struggles of the modern individual in a chaotic world.

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