Whatever you do, always point to the Moon!

What is your mission?

full moonI love the idea of a mission and, running the risk of appearing too ambitious; I’d say that I set different missions to accomplish during my life.

Whatever I did had a purpose, which was generally hard to achieve. I don’t like the idea of giving value to small targets. My motto is: “Whatever you do, always point to the Moon!

It doesn’t matter if someone makes just a few steps while somebody else reaches a farther destination. This reality cannot justify being shy and defeatist. If someone looks too close, she can never see the opportunities to progress much faster.

Now, it’s time to talk about my mission. I’m a very eclectic person and can renounce several interests. While studying engineering and business administration at university, I kept studying music, reading book after book, and writing poetry and stories.

Nowadays, after a couple of decades of working in different roles and companies, I have made up my mind and decided to dedicate my time only to working on arts, in particular, music and literature.

Hence, I aim to continue creating poetic works and serious music (I mainly play the classical guitar). You can find some works in Italian (generally the original language) and English translations on this website.

My sub-goal is to keep “feeding” the site, adding new poems, essays, and short stories daily. I’m doing my best to involve more and more readers and establish a fruitful series of interactions through comments and proposals.

Later on, I’m going to start to include my music too. I am currently focused on writing more theoretical posts in the blog section. They are “designed” and planned every night after ending up practicing on the instrument.

It’s challenging work when you want to carry out it with precision and constancy. But when I decide to do something I believe in, I feel tired because it means I spend a lot of energy.

I’m convinced (according to my experience) that hard work is an always-winning investment. It requires patience and a dose of resilience to face all the several frustrations. However, this is the ruleset of the game. The Moon is far away, but it’s enough to remember that human beings touched its surface.

If they succeeded many years ago, you can, too. Here and now. That’s why I’m never too scared to stop going on in front of any difficulty. When I face a problem, I breathe, reason, and act most effectively. This isn’t a silver bullet: nothing can magically solve all the problems. But knowing there’s a way out, nearby or far away, and starting walking towards it is sufficient.

After a year in which many changes happened, I have to admit to being extremely satisfied. I feel this is my mission, and I’m happy to spend a lot of time and energy to pursue my goal. I would have felt stressed, demotivated, and continuously angry in the past. Today, my wake-up alarm never rings, and when I open my eyes, I think: “Another day! Ready to do what I planned!”

I hope my enthusiasm might be an inspiration for all the people who live in “limbo” and don’t know how to break their chains and restart doing satisfying activities.

I also kindly invite the readers to follow and interact with my site. I need an audience to donate my work to! This is my mission! I’m already taking off with the Moon on my flight path!

Photo by Alexis Antonio


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