You have changed

Sign indicating that it is time for a change

It’s all about orgones…

…Our nature is distinction. We do not distinguish ourselves enough if we are not
faithful to this nature
. Therefore, we have to make distinctions of qualities.

(Basilides of Alexandria, Seven Sermons to the Dead, Sermon I)

You have changed.”
Yes, I know. Time passes “.
No, you don’t understand. I said you have changed “.
I understood: time has changed me.”

Subject and object (grammar permitting)
In vain, struggle again.

There is no time. Agreed?

If you see a draft,
Stop it.
If you hate the sliding of drops on the railing,
Plug your ears.
If of time you love the features,
Close your eyes and think of me, static like a crystal.
If his voice makes you cringe,
Cracked the eardrums with a screwdriver.
If you stroke it, it squirts endorphins like a lemon,
Wear those nice gloves I gave you.

now tell me,
haven’t you changed? “.
Yes, I have changed.”
Good. Now you see.
I wouldn’t say. ”
“It’s really wasted time talking to you!

The recorder (an old one) is turned on again,
We can now give respite to change:
Let’s take a break (timeless, of course).

But someone said that everything flows!
Shoot him!
Gone. Time saved him!
Yes, maybe, but you have changed. ”

In one-sixtieth of a minute-second
And that fragment fluttering around you,
There is an old, lifeless frame of you.
That’s where I recognize you!

Isn’t it always me?
I don’t know. Maybe that’s why I recognize you “.
No, you don’t understand. I said it’s still me!
Oh no! But didn’t you say you had changed?
What about it?
But I’m still me!

Now with time
He even has advance sex with it….
a timeline of ejaculations with blanks
Tempered like a fine-pointed pencil.

Let’s do this:
We both say that the time is a little uncertain regarding intent.
you agree?

Oh yes!
Einstein was exactly right…
Someone will tell us what changes… in the meantime, let’s have a beer!
Now, it all comes together!

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A brief note on the phenomenon of time dilation

In Einstein’s theory of relativity, the phenomenon of time dilation is a fundamental concept that arises from the relative nature of time and space.

Time dilation occurs when an observer’s perception of time differs according to relative motion or gravitational field. This concept challenges our intuitive understanding of time as a constant, universal quantity.

There are two main types of time dilation: gravitational and velocity time dilation. Gravitational time dilation occurs because of differences in gravitational fields, where time flows more slowly in more vital gravitational fields.

Landscape in which the action of massive change is evident
Time dilation challenges our traditional understanding of time as a constant. It introduces the idea that time is relative and can be stretched or compressed depending on the observer’s frame of reference.

On the other hand, speed dilation in time results from relative motion between two observers, where time seems to pass more slowly for a moving object than for a stationary observer.

In essence, time dilation illustrates the interconnected nature of time, space, and motion. It has profound implications for our understanding of the universe and has been confirmed through various experiments and observations, solidifying its significance in modern physics.

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