You write it, but then you leave me alone…

Being alone from an existential point of view

“You write it, but then you leave me alone….”
“Good way to show it!”

My paradise is not among trees or mountains,
Nor between lakes or false wills of eternal fidelity.

My paradise is at the bottom of the sea,
Set on fire with bitterness.

My heaven is not ashamed,
By now,
Of being a child of hell.

Beyond the horizon-stained hedges,
blue is green,
And the green, gaudy as a child,
casts itself beyond the blue
To be forever and only one.

My heaven weeps,
(never tired of remembering that),
beside me,
On the corrugated edge
of a night
Inexplicably long.

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A brief note on existential boredom

Existential boredom is a deep sense of emptiness and disconnection that arises from a lack of meaning or purpose in one’s life. It is a deep feeling of boredom and apathy toward existence, often leading individuals to question the meaning of their actions and the world around them. French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre explored the concept of existential boredom in his works, particularly in “Being and Nothingness.” Sartre believed that boredom was a fundamental aspect of human consciousness, arising from our innate desire for meaning and purpose in a seemingly indifferent world.

Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre
In “Being and Nothingness,” Jean-Paul Sartre also analyzes the concept of existential boredom and the need for every human being to integrate it into his or her life so as not to become a “victim” of its force.

From a psychological perspective, existential boredom can lead to feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, and alienation. It can push individuals to confront life’s existential emptiness and inherent meaninglessness, forcing them to grapple with the fundamental questions of existence. Embracing this boredom, Sartre argued that individuals could find a form of freedom as they revealed the need to create their meaning and values in a world devoid of intrinsic meaning.

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