Tell me what I can do for you

A branch that seems to ask what it can do for you


Tell me what I can do for you.
Let me at least have the chance to doubt.

That branch has no flowers,
I know it well,
It’s impregnated only with grains
Hollowed out of the aquamarine of the sky.

But tell me,
(before heading into winter),
What can I do for you?

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Brief philosophical note on existential loneliness

The unattainability of the other is a profound concept deeply rooted in philosophical and psychological circles. It deepens the idea that proper understanding and connection with another individual may never be fully achieved because of the inherent subjectivity and uniqueness of each person’s inner world. This notion is intertwined with incommunicability, highlighting the challenges in accurately conveying one’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences to others.

Existential loneliness
Existential loneliness is a deep feeling that has no relation to being isolated. It is based on the nature of being and the limits of communication, which, even if profound, can never cross the barrier of intersubjectivity.

Existential loneliness further compounds these complexities, underscoring the fundamental loneliness accompanying human existence. Despite our innate desire for connection and intimacy, we are ultimately confined within the confines of our subjective consciousness, forever separated from others by the limitations of language, perception, and individuality.

Navigating these existential issues can evoke longing, frustration, and introspection, prompting individuals to question the nature of relationships, identity, and the elusive search for authentic connection in a world fraught with barriers to understanding.

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