The nuance of obscenity

The vocabulary comforts me: obscenity offends the common sense of decency. Such an amusing definition happens a few times in hundreds of pages. Meanwhile, I begin by thinking about this “modesty” that, from subjective – inherent exclusively to singular perception- becomes monstrously “common.” Is this not an example of obscenity?

The universal Moloch, overbearing and hegemonic, takes the place of sensibility to the point of pushing linguistics toward an unhealthy landing place: “common sense.” What a horror! The more I think about it, the more I agree with Lacan when he describes language as a cage that shapes the spirit long before genes.

Woman standing on a chair with her hands toward her feet. Those who define something as an obscenity become themselves trivially obscene!

But then, what could be more sublime in discovering that any element can upset one’s (by no means common) sense of decency? Adam realized he was naked when he became God himself. That is when a debate arose between his ego and the obscenely created ego of his bearded creator. Adam realized that his modesty had been tickled by the power hidden in his own hands: how pornographic Genesis is!

Let the obscene well come! Let it invade every fragment of air we breathe! Let those who think that covering their sex is a moral necessity wake up! To hell (or perhaps, it would be better to say, to “God”) with senseless ethics and welcome the aesthetic that revels in itself and its self-discovery, that allows itself to be taken by the hand of the obscene to explore every fragment of its being.

And, for goodness sake, let those who cry scandal cover their eyes… Of scandals, we suffer far too many! May we breathe the air of pure contemplation! Or perhaps they think the God they will see at the end of days will be covered with fig leaves?

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