The rebel song

Cicada, whose song is monotonous and rhythmic, almost like the repetition of a mantra

Listening to the rebel song
That your eyes bring to the world,
restores me to an ancient, icy silence,
To the endless, vibrant cares
That only your name can arouse.
In the chirping of a mad cicada,
Infernal and voluptuous queen,
I discover the night,
immemorial traveling companion,
And thus the day,
suspended like a timid spore,
between a subdued blink of an eye
And an ocean that’s swallowing itself.

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A brief note on the singing of cicadas

The song of cicadas is a fascinating symphony of nature that fills the air with its rhythmic cadence. The structure of the cicada song is unique, consisting of repeated phrases that rise and fall in intensity, creating a hypnotic melody. This repetitive nature symbolizes perseverance and resilience as cicadas sing tirelessly throughout the day.

In music and poetry, the cicada’s song is a metaphor for the themes of resistance and transformation. Like a musical composition, the cicada song follows a specific pattern that evokes nostalgia and contemplation.

People playing drums. The rhythmic
The rhythmic “singing” of the drum, similar to the chirping of many cicadas, manages to create an almost hieratic atmosphere. Many African peoples use polyrhythms to induce a state close to trance and minimize rational inhibitions.

Poets often draw inspiration from the cicada song to explore themes of rebirth and renewal. Through its symbolic meaning in art forms, the cicada song reminds us of the cyclical nature of life and the beauty that can be found in perseverance. It serves as a poignant reminder that even in the most challenging conditions, a melody is always waiting to be heard.

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