I play at work and work by playing

Do you play games in your daily life? What do the words “playing time” tell you?

Work and Play yellow neon signI must admit, though reluctant, that I never play. I am not caught up only in “serious” commitments; I judge myself as the most scattered human being. I don’t like to play.

Everything I do must have value beyond the pure play aspect; otherwise, I get bored very soon. Maybe that’s just the way I play the game.

Moreover, if playing implies having fun, I am not far from the same condition. If what I’m doing doesn’t entertain me and give me excitement, I cannot last long.

I still wonder how it is possible to accept a boring routine with enthusiasm. But, of course, this is just my point of view, and I am also convinced that far too many people are slaves to their routines and have no way out.

I still remember a statement by Carmelo Bene on the Maurizio Costanzo Show (a very famous Italian talk show), “The greatest success of society is to emancipate man from the yoke of labor.” It is a harsh sentence and quickly criticized if misunderstood.

Work is certainly not bad, but how fulfilling (and romantic) it would be to do only what you like! In this sense, man should pursue the cause of emancipation.

You probably wonder what this lucubration has to do with the original question. The answer is simple: work that fulfills a game is the same as done with the utmost professional seriousness.

So, ultimately and subverting in part what I stated at the beginning, I play at least 12 hours a day, and I do not know the difference between weekdays and vacations, as well as the one existing between work and vacation.

In that sense, I consider myself very fortunate. However, the transition from a frustrating (albeit quite prestigious) condition to the life I live now was challenging and required considerable willpower.

Ultimately, I succeeded, although I am constantly striving toward ambitious goals. Will I get to where I hope? Of course, I do not possess a crystal ball or believe in hand lines.

However, I know I can be tenacious when necessary, and despite everything, even if you lose a run of the game, you can still checkmate even when all hope seems lost!

Photos by Antonio Gabola


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