I still wonder: a dream

A canary as Caravaggio paints it as if in a mirror

I still wonder who is behind the mirror:
Caravaggio planting nails to St. Peter
Or the soul of a canary now accustomed to the bars?

The sink no longer drips.
Alone, finally, I’m spreading out now:
A tiny speck of light
Looking for the shore,
In the cobalt billiards of immensity.

Deposited for legal protection with Patamu: certificate


A brief note on the structure of dreams according to Freud

The structure of dreams, according to Freud, is a fascinating topic in psychoanalysis. According to Freud, dreams consist of two main elements: manifest content and latent content. The manifest content is the plot of the dream we remember upon waking. On the other hand, latent content represents the hidden, unconscious desires, thoughts, and emotions symbolically manifest in our dreams.

Dream No. 1, where sacred themes predominate, but a canary, sink and mirror are always present.
Dream No. 1 from the poetic image presented. Sacred themes predominate in it, but a canary, a sink, and a mirror are always present.

Freud believed dreams were a window into the unconscious mind and could reveal repressed desires and unresolved conflicts. He developed the idea of dream analysis as a tool for psychoanalysis, in which the therapist helps the individual discover the hidden meanings behind their dreams. By exploring symbols, metaphors, and recurring themes in dreams, psychoanalysts can obtain detailed information about the individual’s subconscious thoughts and emotions.

Dream No. 2, where there is always a canary in a cage, a mirror and a man in old clothes that might suggest St. Peter planting nails on a pool table.
Dream No. 2 is derived from the above poem. This time, there is always a caged canary, a mirror, and a man in old clothes that might suggest St. Peter planting nails on a pool table.

Through dream analysis, Freud aimed to help people better understand themselves, uncover unresolved issues, and work toward personal growth and self-awareness. Exploring the deeper layers of the unconscious mind through dream interpretation remains a valuable tool in psychotherapy and self-exploration.

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