I am fat

I am fat: a dilemma that hides an existential escape.

My mother says I am fat.
My woman says I am handsome.

My mother hates my woman,
And my woman still thinks she can be accepted.

I get fat on beer:
I eat very little
And both of them know it well.

I get fat because I escape,
And as I write these lines,
I have already come a long way.

But even here,
In the company of a bottle,
my mother repeats that I am fat,
And my woman,
says I’m really handsome.

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A brief note on attempting to escape reality: being fat because of the impossibility of erasing every detail of one’s life

Escape from reality can manifest itself in various psychological situations, leading individuals to seek refuge in vices and even develop a deep desire to erase every detail of their lives. A typical scenario is when individuals face overwhelming stress or trauma that seems impossible. In such cases, the mind may seek solace in substances such as alcohol or drugs as a means of temporary escape from the harsh realities of life. This escape may provide a fleeting sense of relief, but it often leads to a cycle of dependence and further detachment from reality.

Being fat because of inner conflicts
Inner and outer conflicts often lead to an excessive desire to escape from one’s reality to find apparent solace in vices. This, however, is only imaginary and always ends up exacerbating the discomfort and sense of frustration.

In other situations, individuals may experience persistent feelings of inadequacy or failure, pushing them toward self-destructive behaviors as a way of coping with their emotions. This may include engaging in risky behaviors, unhealthy relationships, or compulsive behaviors that act as a distraction from dealing with one’s true feelings or circumstances. Ultimately, these coping mechanisms can further perpetuate a sense of detachment and disconnection from reality, creating a vicious cycle that becomes increasingly difficult to break.

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