1. Noura

    Dear Giuseppe Bonaccorso,

    I have a question : why you did not try to plot the acc vs val_acc because it seems that there is a sort of overfitting !! also 15 epochs are very few 🙂
    Best regards

    • Dear Noura,

      Thank you for your comment! You are probably right because the model is quite small. Normally I prefer considering the validation accuracy as a benchmark and, in this case, it doesn’t show an exceptional result (even if the convnet is not very complex). I think it would be a good idea to increase the dropout or adding another dropout layer in between the convolutional blocks. For the epochs, of course, it’s possible to increase them, but I think (probably I’m wrong :)) that the risk of overfitting increases.
      I’m going to test these options.


  2. Noura

    yes, usually the risk of the overfitting increases but also increasing epochs will let you to know when your accuracy becomes asymptotically stable 🙂
    Did you change anything later in ConvNet inorder to get a higher accuracy ?
    Best regards,

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